Aims of Music Education

The aims of music education are to enable every child to have a musical creative experience and to appreciate music in different cultures.

Music Level Programmes

Primary 1

Keyboard and Violin

Primary 2

Keyboard, Guzheng and Handbell

Primary 3

Keyboard and Glockenspiel

Primary 4

Keyboard, Ukulele

Primary 5


Primary 6

African Percussion

Projects and Competitions

These activities provide opportunities for pupils to showcase their musical talents.  They also allow pupils to explore the different aspects of their own creativity. 

  • Primary 4 National Day Singing Competition 
  • Primary 3 Project Goal – Presentation of a song   
  • Primary 1 to Primary 5 Teacher’s Day Performance
  • Primary 1 to Primary 5 Talent-Time Contest

Budding musicians in practice!