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InfoComm Club


InfoComm Club aims to develop our young aspirants to be junior Info-communication (ICT) Technologists competent with ICT skills and 21st Century Competencies. Members are given opportunities to explore the world of information and communication technology. 

A junior Infocommunication Technologist entering Primary Three level will follow a spiral training structure, starting from basic techniques (both theoretical and practical aspects) to the advanced skill sets in the following area:

 ·        Digital imaging: photography and photo editing 
 ·        Video-editing  
 ·        Digital animation (eg. Flash animation and gif animation)  
 ·        Cyber-wellness and web-based collaboration   

As they progress up the spiral programme, our aspiring technologists will also gain more in depth knowledge on the different types of software they have been trained in.


A self-directed and collaborative learner who is able to leverage ICT in his/her pursuit of meaningful learning.


Learning to use, using to learn.

Long-term Goals

  • Equip our young ICT technologists with relevant ICT skills to enable them to collaborate on digital media projects meaningfully and creatively; 
  • Provide a variety of platforms to develop our ICT technologists into proficient users of ICT, allowing them to be actively engaged in tasks that foster their thinking and collaborative skills. 
  • Cultivate our young ICT technologists into ethical and responsible cyberspace citizens. 

Teachers in Charge

  1. Ms Bhairavi Lachimanan
  2. Ms Noor Adzlin 
  3. Mdm Nazaraana Bibi (ICT trainer)

Venue and Schedule

  • Time: 7.45 am - 9.15 am
  • Day: Every Wednesday
  • Venue: Autumn and Spring Lab

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