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Infusing Fun and Enjoyment into the learning of English Language

SCOOP! was set up with the aim of providing our pupils with an avenue to express their imagination and creativity, and to develop our pupils into competent communicators and confident users of the English Language with a passion for the language.

Some of the highlights of our club activities include:

  1. Speech Drama - with emphasis on acting and improvisation skills
  2. Photojournalism - taking photographs and reporting of events and people for school publications
  3. Educational Games - mastering games such as ScrabbleUpwords, Taboo, charades and others
  4. Creative Writing - developing skills in prose and poetry writing
  5. Pupil Ambassadors - acting as guides for foreign visitors to our school

Time7.30am - 9.30am
VenueGongshang Primary School
Teachers - in - Charge

Mrs Yoges Singh
Mrs Lata Menon

a limerick written by one of our scoop members.jpg

A limerick written by one of our SCOOP! members.

preparing for a debate .jpgat a debate session a  member trying to convince us that children should study more and play less.jpg
 Preparing for a debateAt a debate session, a member was trying to convince us that children should study more and play less ...
honing their skills at public speaking .jpglooking scoopaliciously cool.jpg
 Honing their skills at a public speakingLooking Scoopaliciously Cool! 

Conducting a survey with a parent during an MOE Parent SeminarA learning journey to the National Library 
Maritime Experiential Museum.jpg 
Dressed to the theme of 'Masters of the Sea' at 'Little Red Dot' Big Day Out at the Maritime Experiential Museum.