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About Us

Rugby has been a CCA in the school since 2005. Our mission is to ensure that the boys are trained in a safe environment. Rugby is a values-driven CCA. The teachers are passionate and aim to impart teamwork, resilience and sportsmanship in the boys.

The mission of the Gongshang Rugby Team is to build character (such as resilience, perseverance, teamwork) in our boys so that they may grow into respectable gentlemen with desirable attitudes. The motto we live by is to respect our opponents but fear no one.

Gongshang Ruggers United is a name created by the teachers and pupils to identify themselves as to them, Rugby is not just a CCA but a passion. This can be felt when the pupils perform the GSP United haka, a haka which was created by ourselves, for ourselves. To the teachers, winning is not as important as imparting the desirable values in the players. We believe in teaching the pupils through fun and games, disciplining them when necessary and providing an environment where they can experience the joy and satisfaction of winning through hard work, and the perseverance that comes with defeat. Indeed, the Gongshang Rugby Team will provide an invaluable and unforgettable experience in a child's primary school life.

Currently teachers-in-charge:

Mr Daniel Vaithilingam (OIC)

Mr Luqman Bin Shapie (2IC)

Ms Ada Lye (3IC)

Mr Gan Xionggang

Mdm Nashita Allaudin