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Welcome to GSP Ruggers

Happy New Year to all of you!

It is the beginning of another exciting year for your child in Rugby and we are looking forward to having your son back at training.

To aid us in providing your son with an enriching experience in their primary school life through our training programme, we would like to remind you of the following:

  1. Please return the acknowledgement form attached with this letter to the teachers-in-charge by the first training. All information should be completed.
  2. A copy of the training schedule for Term 1 is attached.
  3. Pupils must be punctual for training. They should change into their training attire and be ready for their warm up before the start of each training session.
  4. A medical certificate (MC) or parents/ guardians letter of excuse is required when your child/ ward is absent from training.
  5. Pupils should be properly attired for trainings, i.e.“ T-shirt, PE shorts, boots, mouth guard, 1.5 litre water bottle.
  6. Slippers are strictly not allowed to be worn in the school.

Please feel free to contact us through emails or by calling the school to speak to any of our teachers-in-charge should you have any queries. We hope to have a fruitful and rewarding year with you and your child.

Thank you.