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Department Vision

A creative pupil with a passion for the learning of the arts.

Department Mission

To develop pupils to be visually and musically literate so that they develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Subject Committee Members

Head of Department

Mrs Ow Kwee Gim

Subject Head (Aesthetics)
Mdm Mehrun Nisha Ansari M

Music Co-Ordinator
Mrs Shelly Lee Hwee Khim

Art Teachers

Mdm Mehrun Nisha A. M. 
Mrs Low-Ho Yee Wah 
Mrs Sarah Ang

Music Teacher

Mdm Yasmin binte Abdul Razak 
Mrs Shelly Lee Hwee Khim
Mdm Anne Heng Mui Gek
Miss Chai Ang Lee
Mrs Choy Peng Fat

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