Singapore Youth Arts Festival Art Exhibition 2015

Theme - ‘artist’: Past. Present. Future

Category A (Primary 1 & 2)

pic 1.jpg

Artist’s Statement:

The playground is where children of different cultures and races have fun. We set aside our differences and play together in harmony. The bright colours of the playground depict the vibrance of childhood. The monsters represent the diversity in Singapore as well as the cheeky side of children.

Category B (Primary 3 & 4)

pic 2.jpg

Artist’s Statement:

This artwork shows our heritage, success and dreams.  The beauty and tranquillity shows how far we have come. The future is up to us to re-create and we would hope for a city that is vibrant, colourful, full of passion and soul.

Category C (Primary 5 & 6)

pic 3.jpg

Artist’s Statement:

The artwork captures the lively heartland of Singapore where Singaporeans live, shop, eat and interact. The different buildings depict the architectural structures that make our heartland vibrant and uniquely Singapore. The celebration of SG50 is captured with the showcasing of the importance of our heartland.