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Character and Citizenship Education

School Vision

A healthy, confident, gracious and morally upright pupil with a passion for learning and love for Singapore.

School Mission

The staff of Gongshang are committed to provide a safe and happy environment for our pupils to strive towards excellence. 

The aim of education is the nurturing of the whole child. There are five main dimensions to every child:

1. Intellectual
2. Physical
3. Moral
4. Social
5. Emotional


These dimensions are closely linked to one another. Through Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) the department facilitates the development of our students across these five dimensions. In CCE, we want our students to learn to be responsible learners as well as to develop an awareness and understanding of their roles in shaping the future of our nation.

The Character and Citizenship Education Department, together with the Pupil Management Department, plans and implements programmes in the following areas :

1) Character Education

2) Student Discipline
3) Pastoral Care
4) Values in Action
5) Student Leadership
6) National Education

7) Guidance Modules

Committee Members 2018


Mdm Sharifah Rahmah
Head of Pupil Management (Internal)  
Mrs Ng-Thiam Siow Foon
Subject Head National Education/Social StudiesMdm Safiah Sidek
Mdm Norizah Maakiap
Mdm Amizah Md Amin
Mdm Rosilah Abdullah
Mdm Chong Lai Heng
Mrs Gwendolyn Chee
Mrs Stella Lee Seok Meng
Ms Bhairavi Lachimanan (ICT Rep)
Mrs Joy Vitalingam
Mr Muhd Luqman Muhd Shapie
Ms Cleo Tan
Counsellors/Special Needs
Mdm Doreen Seow Siew Huang
Ms Nur Aqilah Amrun
Ms Zakiyyah Masri