Student Leaders

To develop leadership competencies, the school has put in place a Student Leadership Development programme.  This comprises of :-

1)     Identifying and selecting leaders at all levels

2)     Training and providing opportunities for students to apply their leadership skills

3)     Assessment and monitoring of student's performance

4)     Recognising student leaders for their service

There are various avenues for Gongshang pupils to take up leadership position in the school.  These range from being Class Committee members, CCA leaders, Ambassadors for the school (e.g. NE Ambassadors, Cyberwellness  Ambassadors), Prefectorial Board as well as the School's Value-In-Action (VIA) Programme. The various opportunities provided serves to develop the students not just for themselves but also for the benefit of the school community and community at large.

Basic leadership training is provided for all pupils from Primary 3 as a cohort.  Such training aims to introduce basic principles of leadership such as:

1)     Qualities required of a Leader (e.g., showing initiative, lead by example)

2)     Character traits of a Leader (e.g., moral courage) and

3)     Expectations towards a Leader (e.g., integrity, fairness).

More specific training is provided for CCA and Student Leaders for Primary 4 and 5 with customised programmes for Sports and Clubs/Societies Leaders, as well as Prefects and Chairpersons to better equip them for their leadership roles as well as the training of character.