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ELSA (English Language Super Ace)

Our High Progress pupils (ELSA) take part in Project G.O.A.L. which aims to develop them to become self-directed learners as well as their communication and collaborative interpersonal skills. These Primary 4 and 5 pupils embark on global collaboration projects using ePals. It is a safe and secure platform which enables pupils and teachers to safely connect and collaborate with classrooms locally, nationally and internationally. Our pupils get to share work globally and engage other English Language learners in authentic exchanges of emails and project work all within a safe, protected online environment. More information about ePals could be obtained via their website: http://corp.epals.com.

Collaboration with Birla High School (Junior Section), Kolkata, India
Video Exchange

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 Gongshangers introducing themselves to their epals from IndiaOur friends from India doing their self-introductions

Culture in a Box
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Opening the box sent all the way from India Checking out the contents of the box

Collaboration with Strathpine State School, Queensland, Australia
Culture in a Box

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Showing off the souvenirs we got from our Australian epalsOur Australian epals

Collaboration with Cawley Middle School – Hooksett, New Hampshire, United States
Culture in a Box

DSCN0117.JPGOthers 8.jpg
Preparing our slides to introduce the game ‘Kuti Kuti’ to our epals from the United StatesOur American epals playing kuti kuti in their classrooms