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STELLAR Curriculum (STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading)


  • Strengthen language and reading skills
  • Promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature.

Lower Primary Strategies

  • Shared Book Approach  
  • Modified Language Experience Approach
  • Explicit teaching of language items, structures and skills 
  • Learning Centres
  • Shared Writing

Upper Primary Strategies

  • Supported Reading and Retelling
  • What I Know, What I Want To Know, What I Have Learnt (KWL)
  • Explicit teaching of language items, structures and skills 
  • Writing Process Cycle 
  • Differentiated Instruction

For more information on STELLAR visit: http://www.stellarliteracy.sg/

ice cream making 1.jpgice cream making 2.jpg
Pupils preparing for their ice cream-making session

Ice cream making 3.jpgice cream making 4.jpg
Look, Mummy! I made ice cream. It’s yummy!

Zoo 1.jpgZoo 2.jpg
The Primary 1 pupils on a learning journey to the Singapore Zoological Gardens 

Butterfly 1.jpgButterfly 2.jpg
The Primary 2 pupils on a learning journey to Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Bubbles 1.jpgBubbles 2.jpg
Pupils observe how long the bubbles stay in the air before popping and breaking away

LC 1.jpgLC 2 to be replaced.jpg
 The pupils working at the Learning Centres which focus on reading, listening, speaking and writing activities. 

MLEA 1.jpgMLEA 2.jpg
Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Shared Writing