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Baseline ICT Standards

The Baseline ICT Standards define the basic level of knowledge, skills and values that pupils need in order to fully benefit from a curriculum enriched with ICT, and eventually thrive in a technology-driven society. Here at Gongshang, our residential ICT trainers train our pupils with the skills and knowledge and teachers infuse the skills into the curriculum for the pupils to have meaningful and sufficient practice of what they have learnt.

Primary 1
Primary 2
MS Word, Emailing
Primary 3
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Internet Searches
Primary 4
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Using Dataloggers
Primary 5 
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel
Primary 6 
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Windows MovieMaker

Our pupils are also constantly reminded of the principles of Cyberwellness - Respect for Self & Others and Safe & Responsible Use of ICT.
Through a 3-step process of Sense, Think and Act, pupils are taught to be aware of the potential online dangers, think about such dangers and make the decision to act appropriately, so as to protect themselves and others from online dangers.