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Learning Carnival

At our last Learning Carnival (2017), the ICT department explored the use of Ozobots to introduce simple coding to the students and, at the same time, teach skills such as 'deductive reasoning while expanding their imaginations'.

An Ozobot is a mini programmable path-following device that is programmed to follow coloured paths that control its movements, speed and directions.

We customised the activities ranging from simple to more challenging tasks, where in the former, we presented the child with a pre-drawn maze and a specific number and types of code. They must then figure out how to get the Ozobot from the start of the maze to the finish by using only the availbale codes. After getting themselves familiar with how the Ozobot worked, the students were encouraged to challenge themselves by creating their own paths that required the Ozobot to obey more complicated commands. 

Looking forward to our next learning carnival!

creating paths.jpgStudents creating their own paths.intriqued.jpgIntrigued by the Ozobot

team work.jpg

At the end of the activity, the students learnt to work as a team to actively conceptualize and develop ideas while they calibrate the robots' actions.

view in action via aurasma.jpg

 To view the kids in action, follow the steps below:
1. Download the HP Reveal app on our mobile phone (it's free).
2. Open the app and tap on search and key in gsps. 3. Select gsps' Public Auras and click on FOLLOW.
4. Now click on the small square in the middle bottom and point your mobile phone at the picture above to view the kids in action!