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Earth Day 2017

As part of our efforts to bring across the strong messages of Earth Day 2017, the Science Department collaborated with various departments and CCA groups to conduct a series of experiential learning activities for the pupils, to raise awareness of the different environmental issues present and how they are able to do their parts to make an impact as global citizens.

The theme for Earth Day 2017 is “Environmental and Climate Literacy”. It aims to increase awareness of global environmental issues by recognising the consequences of one’s actions on the global environmental and climate changes.

During recess, a display gallery, made up of Food Waste Exhibits and beautifully-crafted art works created out of recycled materials done by the pupils from different levels, was set up in the foyer. The pupils had fun playing the various recycling games which were designed and created by the E2K pupils. The Science Club and InfoComm Club pupils conducted environmental quizzes and a ‘Caption Making’ competition on saving water with the use of technology. The pupils also enjoyed making terrariums out of plastic cups in the booth set up by the Green Club teachers and members. Last but not least, we had the SOAR members preparing interesting skits and story-telling sessions on Earth’s climate changes during the recesses for the Lower Primary pupils.

Together with the English Department and Media Resource Library Club, the ‘Give and Share’ Project, initiated last year, is an on-going project to encourage pupils to donate their preloved storybooks and extend the sharing to their schoolmates. Through this project, the school hope to instil the value of thrift and to develop the habit of recycling in school, whilst inculcating a culture of reading.

During the CCE and Science lessons, class discussions of the present environmental issues were conducted to bring awareness of the consequences of one’s actions towards our Earth. With these efforts, we hope draw the relevance in the topics that pupils’ are learning to the larger global environmental issues in the world.

Besides pupils’ involvement, environmental efforts were extended to all Gongshang staff. We participated in green activities such as ‘Save That Pen’ and ‘No disposable week’. The project ‘No disposable week’ encourages all staff to ‘go green’ by bringing their own utensils for meals or eat at canteen to reduce the use of disposables.

Project ‘Save That Pen’ is a collaboration with the scouts to recycle unwanted or used pens to be passed on to the needy people locally or overseas. Staff are to deposit their working unwanted or used pens in the ‘Save That Pen’ bins that are placed in the office and staffroom. The scouts will then sort the collected pens out and bring it back to the main recycling point for redistribution.


Through the varied activities conducted, pupils learnt more about the 3Rs and were imparted with knowledge and skills to continue this ‘go green’ efforts wherever they are. We hope to bring across the message that environmental effort is an everyday choice and that each and every one of us, be it staff or pupils, can contribute and play our part in saving the Earth.

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Recycling Games Stations designed by E2K pupils

S:\DEPARTMENT\Science_HE\Earth Day 2017\Photos\19714168-3965-4907-992d-368a611bf0a4.jpg

Terrarium Making Activity by the Green Club


Save That Pen bins in the staffroom for used pens