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Science Workshop for Parents 2017

The Science Department conducted two workshops for parents on 4 March 2017 (Saturday).  In the first workshop, ‘Exploring Science Around Us’, Teacher facilitators shared with the parents on how they could leverage opportunities and phenomenon around them, to engage their children in asking questions for further exploration using one visible thinking routine - ‘I see,  I think and I wonder.’ They also shared on how parents could help develop curiosity in their children by getting them to ask questions on what they see around them and use scientific concepts in their reasoning. This would also give parents a chance to find out more about scientific concepts and its applications with their children by using search engines or other resources. Armed with such skills, parents would then be able to ignite pupils’ curiosity instead of always providing answers. Children would also be greatly encouraged to ask questions and using the concepts learnt to solve real world problems. 
For the second workshop, ‘ Playing with Science’, the teacher facilitators shared with parents on how they could support their children’s learning of Science through bonding activities such as playing with toys and reading with them. Parents could also seize teachable moments during playtime and daily life experiences to cultivate the good habit of asking questions and arouse a keen sense of curiosity in their children.
For both workshops, parents tried many hands-on activities to find out more about some of the concepts their children learnt in school.  They had the opportunity to play with toys and explore the concepts behind the phenomenon around us. Hence they discovered many important concepts when answering questions.  On top of that, the parents also had very fruitful discussions with the teacher facilitators and fellow parents as they carried out the various activities.  Parents also got a glimpse of some PSLE questions and learnt how to apply the concepts learnt to answer such questions. 
The Science Department would like to thank all parents for attending these workshops and partnering the school in their children’s learning journey at Gongshang Primary School. 

Resources shared:

Exploring new insight while playing with the old toy.jpgExploring new insight while playing with the old toyExploring how this toy works and illustrates the concept of matter.jpgExploring how this toy works and illustrates the concept of matter
Hands-on to experience the different arrangements of circuit.jpgHands-on experiencing the different arrangements of circuit
Parents posting their responses on Todaysmeet.jpgParents posting their responses on 'Todaysmeet'