School-On-Air Rediffusion (SOAR)


The school is equipped with a state of the art studio that revolutionizes the way language is taught and learnt, providing students with innovative platforms to apply their learning in the real world as well as to learn a set of media skills. Teachers can now be actively involved in the holistic development of the students beyond the boundaries of the school.
SOAR aims not only to enhance character development in students, we also focus on the physical, emotional and social health of the students by providing them with a platform for them to express their feelings and interact with one another meaningfully.
One of the objectives of SOAR is to cultivate an interest in the Chinese Language amongst the students and to provide an opportunity for students with the ability and interest to master more in depth, the language and to develop a deeper feel and association with both the culture that underpins the language. It also aims to deepen students’ appreciation of the Chinese language and literature as well as the Chinese culture.

CCA Practice DayWednesday
Time7.30am to 9.00am
Teachers-in-ChargeMdm Lu Yanyu, Mdm Wong Ngok Hiong


National Primary School Chinese Story-Telling 2019

The club sent 2 pupils for the National Primary Schools Chinese Story-Telling Competition. It was jointly organised by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, the Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers’ Association and Nan Chiau Primary School, with support from UFM100.3. This competition aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to showcase their talents in Mandarin oratorical skills as well as boost their interest in the learning of Chinese culture. 
Our pupil Gu Ting Yuan (P4.1) was one of 16 out of 216 participants who qualified for the final on 2 August and achieved the 优胜奖 award.