Where the English Language Comes Alive!

SCOOP! was set up with the aim of providing our pupils with an avenue to express their imagination and creativity, and to develop our pupils into competent communicators and confident users of the English Language. Pupils delve into various avenues that allow them to experience and navigate through the nuances of the English Language. Pupils are also exposed to a plethora of mediums to manifest their thoughts and express themselves articulately.

Some of the highlights of our club activities include:

Ø  Journalism – to hone their skills that will enable them to source for information with ease and confidence

Ø  Photojournalism – to take photographs and report on events to be showcased at the foyer

Ø  Educational Games – to build rapport with one another through games such as Conversational Cards

Ø  Creative Writing – to develop skills in writing captions for the pictures that they have taken

Ø  IT – To create slideshows with the photos and captions to be shown to all the pupils through the TV at the foyer.




7.30 am – 9.00 am


Gongshang Primary School, (B3-02)


Mdm Habibah Tahar

Ms Alvinna Alphonso

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Mrs Soh with SCOOP.jpg