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String Ensemble

Our String Ensemble team is 43-member strong, with 38 violinists, 3 cellists and 2 bassists.  
In 2018, our budding musicians did our school proud by representing us at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2018, achieving the Certificate of Commendation. 
This year, our team is now thriving in preparation for Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2020. 

Weekly practices are as scheduled.

Day/Time Mon, 3.00p.m. - 4.00 p.m. 
Wed, 7.30a.m. – 9.00a.m.
Music Room 1 (E2-10) /
Media Resource Library (Computer Lab)
Mdm Yasmin
Ms Ada Lye
Mdm Li Xintang 

Our members are working hard on the dynamics, pitching, rhythm, musical expressions in performing the pieces for SYF Arts Presentation 2020. Every training session focuses on values of team work, discipline and showmanship.

Posing at the photobooth for SYF last year!

1) Posing at the photobooth for SYF last year!.jpg

P3 Members 2019

2) P3 Members 2019.JPG

P4 Members

3) P4 Members.JPG

P5 Members

4) P5 Members.JPG

P6 Members

5) P6 Members.JPG

Fun Shot!

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