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Modular Sports

The Modular Sports CCA focuses on physical activities and games like Jump Jam, Rope Skipping and Sport Stacking. Our pupils have taken part in competitions like the Inter-School Challenge Event for the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) OPL Sport Stacking Challenge, Rope Skipping National Championships and Jump Jam Competition.

The activities and games help to develop teamwork and foster interaction amongst the pupils and their peers through the learning of new skills. The pupils also encourage one another in acquiring and improving in the skills for the different activities. They deepen values like perseverance and respect when they work together in teams.

            Jump Jam

Jump Jam Photo 1.jpg
Jump Jam Photo 2.jpg

            Rope Skipping

Rope Skipping Photo 1.JPG
Rope Skipping Photo 2.JPG
Rope Skipping Photo 3 Senior Team.JPG
Rope Skipping Photo 4 Junior Team.jpg

            Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking Photo 1.JPG
Sport Stacking Photo 2.JPG
Sport Stacking Photo 3.JPG