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Baseline ICT Standards and New Media Literacies

The Baseline ICT Standards and New Media Literacies (NML) is a set of ICT and literacy skills that our students will learn over their 6 years in Gongshang Primary School.

The Baseline ICT Standards define the basic level of knowledge, skills and values that our students need in order to fully benefit from a curriculum enriched with ICT, and eventually thrive in a technology-driven society, while New Media Literacies (NML) in Singapore schools' context are defined as 'the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values (SKAV) that students should apply and demonstrate when harnessing technologies for learning'.

In Gongshang Primary, our NML lessons are woven into our lessons. Our students are taught how to apply digital tools to locate, collect and sort information for present and future use in a principled manner (Curate). They also use digital creation tools to craft, modify and combine different modes of information for personal or group expression (Create). Finally, they learn how to use digital communication tools to participate in the exchange and synthesis of information or ideas online (Connect). Cyber Wellness values are also part and parcel of these lessons.

Baseline ICT Standards

Primary 1
Keyboarding Skills
Primary 2
MS Word, Internet skills
Primary 3
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Internet skills
Primary 4
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Using Dataloggers
Primary 5 
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel
Primary 6 
MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Microsoft Photos

New Media Literacies

Curate Create Connect Competencies.png
'New Media Literacies are defined as the abilities to curate, create and connect with others in the digital networked environment.
Regular engagement in these interactions will enable students to develop an understanding of the social practices (tacit norms and skills) governing the digital networked environment. - Toolkit for Baseline ICT Standards, New Media Literacies'