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Code for Fun Programme for Primary 3-4 (2018-2019)

As part of a national initiative to make Singapore a Smart Nation, Gongshang Primary School  organised Code for Fun (CFF) Enrichment Programme for all Primary 3 pupils in 2018 and 2019 to expose them to coding and computational thinking skills.

Code for Fun Enrichment Programme (a collaboration between IMDA and MOE) uses ‘simple logical reasoning, animation and academic learning of related concepts (algorithms and logical reasoning to solve problems by breaking them down in a fun way) through programming languages, such as Scratch and combining it with robotic kits.’

Objectives & Learning Outcomes 
Understand the fundamentals of coding
Write and run Scratch programmes
Debug simple programmes
Problem Decomposition
Pattern Recognition, Generalization & Abstraction
Data Analysis and Visualisation
Self-Awareness and Responsible Decision Making
Self-learning and to search for references or activities from the internet.

All participating pupils will complete 20 hours of coding training over a period of 2 years (2018-2019), which breaks down to 10 hours per year. The training for the CFF Enrichment Programme will be conducted in Term 1 of 2018 for Primary 3 and 2019 for Primary 4.