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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

The Learning for Life (LLP) programme aims to provide meaningful, holistic and purposeful opportunities for real-life application of learning. In Gongshang Primary School through our LLP - “Moulding Character, Nurturing Leaders”, we seek to inculcate values such as perseverance, integrity, resilience, graciousness and sportsmanship, and develop leadership qualities in students through sports and outdoor education. Students acquire and demonstrate important lifeskills and social and emotional competencies in authentic contexts. The LLP also provides students with opportunities for authentic learning and character building.  Through creating positive and meaningful learning experiences in and out of the classrooms, we aim to nurture our students into “Active Learners, Confident Leaders and Gracious Citizens.”

The objectives are as follows:

Level 1: Broad-Based Development 

To provide opportunities through the school’s sports and leadership programmes to 

shape our students into leaders of good character and sound values
develop and discover our students’ potential through various leadership roles 

Through curriculum such as Programme for Active Learning (PAL), physical education (PE) lessons, co-curricular activities (CCA) and in-house school programmes such as Sports Day, Healthy Lifestyle Fiesta, learn-to-play sports learning journeys, we hope to expose students to a wide range of sporting activities and inculcate in students the love of engaging in sports not only during their school years but also beyond that. We also aim to inculcate in students core values, social and emotional competencies and emerging 21st century competencies through these platforms. Every student in Gongshang is given an opportunity to be a leader in their class committee. To develop their self-leadership and capacity to achieve self-mastery and personal effectiveness, all students will undergo Franklin Covey’s “The Leaders in Me Programme”, conducted during FTGP.

Level 2: Sports and Leadership Excellence

To develop and cultivate students with potential and talents in sports and leadership towards excellence

Self leadership – Taking ownership of one’s own growth and learning
Team leadership – Leading others with competence and care
Thought Leadership – Leading, influencing and inspiring others and creating value to school through quality insight and innovation

Students with potential and talents in sports and leadership will further develop their leadership qualities and competencies when they are identified to serve the school in their capacities as prefects, CCA leaders and CCA Captains/Chairman. They are given opportunities to lead others with competence and influence others, thus achieving positive outcomes and impact. The overseas sports immersion and learning journey is another platform for these students to step beyond their comfort zones and apply their learning and leadership in an authentic real-life setting. Through these varied learning experiences, students will also develop resilience and drive for excellence to lead a fuller and holistic school life.