Malay Language Curriculum

The Malay Language Curriculum (Primary) was developed by MOE to achieve our education philosophy which is to nurture knowledgeable person, active contributor and morally upright individuals. This philosophy is in line with the vision of the teaching and learning of Malay Language that is the Vision of Arif Budiman, namely the learned person who contributes to society. The vision sets the direction for teachers to develop the language skills and knowledge, and to internalise the values and culture.

The ML syllabus focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, written interaction as well as oral interaction skills.  These skills are taught so that pupils are able to communicate and interact effectively and with confidence.


        Picture adapted from the 2015 Primary Malay Language Syllabus

The Malay Language department uses student-centered approach, which focuses on teaching Malay Language in a fun and interactive manner.  This will help pupils to be active and competent users of the language. Differentiated learning is adopted to cater to pupils with different learning profile and ability. This is to gradually build up pupils’ competency and understanding in the language. Explicit teaching of Malay Language will help pupils to improve on their mastery of the language.