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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL is an initiative by MOE to provide all Primary 1 & 2 students with a well-rounded primary school experience. PAL encourages learning beyond the classroom and gives students to discover new interests, learn new skills and develop their character.  In PAL, students will be exposed to Sports and Outdoor Education, Performing and Visual Arts. As a Phase 8 school, PAL was officially launched in Gongshang in 2017. 

Objectives of PAL

To provide students with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in Sports & Games, the Performing Arts and the Visual Arts
Facilitate holistic development of students in the moral, physical, social and aesthetics domains
Provide varied avenues for students to develop social and emotional competencies.

Characteristics of PAL modules

- Experiential in nature
- Fun and enjoyable which encompass learning in a creative way 
- Provide opportunities for children to create
- Incorporate values education and social-emotional learning.   
(Adapted from PAL Resource Guide, MOE)

PAL modules (7 lessons per module)

Visual Arts
‘Animal Adventures’
(Primary 1)

Students are exposed to visual art through animal stories with values and morals. The art-making is set in the context of problem solving tasks which provides students with opportunities to explore ideas and find creative solutions. Students engage in 2D and 3D art-making such as making animal mascots, building bridges and mazes as well as colouring and painting activities.
‘Around the World’
(Primary 1)

Students are exposed to music from different countries which allows them to put in their own musical interpretations in the different music pieces. They are provided opportunities to explore ideas and values which are reinforced through the different activities. Students make music with different percussion instruments and create their own musical pieces.
Outdoor Education
'The Great Outdoors'
(Primary 1 & 2)

Students will be able to experience things in their environment. They will be outdoors, going on scavenger hunts to search for things. Students will broaden their perspectives as they learn about great outdoor experiences on journeys such as the Mount Everest. 
 Sports & Games
(Primary 2)
Students will be able to apply the psychomotor skills taught in the PE syllabus in the modified versions of games and sports in the Olympic Games and learn a specified set of SEL skills and competencies that portray the essence of Olympic values which are aligned to the school values. 
‘The World of Imagination (Primary 2)

Students are exposed to key features of drama namely ‘Teacher-in- role’, freeze frames, conscience alley and story whoosh. Each lesson is based on a story that teaches a moral value. By being engaged in the key features mentioned and the story itself, students learn important social and emotional skills.
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