Visual Arts

To enable every child to be visually literate and to appreciate Art. 

To develop Active Artist & Informed Audience who enjoy art, are able to communicate visually and make meaning through connecting with society and culture.

The school art curriculum provides our students with a balanced and well-rounded education in the aesthetic, cognitive and affective dimensions.

  • To present ample opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression in varied modes. This contributes to developing a fuller range of our students’ interests and talents.
  • To strengthen the understanding of the individual’s national identity by fostering the appreciation of one’s cultural heritage through the learning of local artworks and artists.
  • Engaging pupils in art discussions and critique to promote a lifelong enjoyment and an appreciation for artistic works; developing visual literary in our students.
  • To encourage imagination and cultivates in students the capacity to innovate and improvise through the production of artworks.