The art curriculum aims to foster pupils' sense of identity, culture and place in society; build pupils' capacity to critically discern and process visual information and communicate effectively in the 21st century and expand pupils' imagination and creativity.
Guided with these aims, the school art curriculum provides ample opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression in various modes. The learning of local artworks and artists strengthens the understanding of the individual's national identity by fostering the appreciation of one's national heritage. Art Education in Gongshang is inquiry-based which supports investigation, exploration and expression. Beyond the classroom, the school has other platforms to promote a vibrant culture for the arts to thrive through learning journeys, competitions, mass art activities and exhibitions.

Overview of key programmes


Learning Journeys


Sculpture Walk to Singapore River (Primary 3)

Museum Based Learning to National Gallery Singapore (Primary 4)



Camp T-shirt Design Competition (Primary 5)

National Day Art Competition (Primary 3-6)



Earth Day Art Exhibition

National Day Art Exhibition

Post-Exam Activities

‘Young Engineer’ Challenge (Primary 5)

National Day Flight Challenge (Primary 6)


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