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The Science Department recognises that pupils need to be given a conducive environment and right guidance to be nurtured as critical thinkers and be driven to deeper learning in the areas they are passionate about. As such, the department strives to focus on the key strategic partnerships (the pupils, teachers and parents) to bring about learning success of the pupils.

Guided by the Primary Science Syllabus 2014, we aim to design learning experiences to prepare our pupils to be self-directed and collaborative learners, one who is able to acquire and manage information to meet challenges of globalisation and increased international competitiveness. Our Science learning programmes aim to provide opportunities for pupils to acquire scientific concepts and develop process skills and positive attitudes in alignment with curriculum needs and pupils’ interest and abilities.
The following table shows the themes covered in the respective levels.

DiversityInteractionsSystems  CyclesEnergy
 Primary 3 

Primary 4

 Primary 5   ♥ ♥ ♥
Primary 6   ♥   ♥

Every Child A Seed (In partnership with NParks)

Every child in Primary 3 will be given a starter kit provided by NParks. This starter kit allows them to grow their own plant, caring for it from the germination of the seed till the adult stage. The programme ties in with the pupils’ learning of plant parts in the Science curriculum.

Earth Day 2021

The school commemorated Earth Day on 22 April to celebrate the planet's environment and to raise public awareness about environmental issues. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth”. Through the various programmes arranged, the pupils have come to an understanding that every action, no matter how small it may seem, counts towards restoring our earth.
Project ‘Give-and-Share’: The pupils have generously donated their pre-loved books and these books are given a new lease of life in their class library. Through this project, it has helped to instil the value of thrift as well as inculcate a culture of reading in our pupils.

Project Give and Share.jpg

Save That Pen’ programme: A collaboration with the scouts to recycle unwanted or used pens so that they can be given to underprivileged pupils in Singapore.

Library corner photo.jpg

Also, we are pleased to showcase photos of several activities carried out by different groups of pupils at our Earth Day Corner in the school library. Do click on the attachments below for photos of the winning art pieces of the ‘Restore Our Earth Character Design Challenge’ and some of the winners of the Earth Day Quiz!

Inches for Pocket Money (In partnership with SPH)

Primary 4 classes will observe the life cycle of a plant (Lady’s finger plant) through growing their own seed and caring for it. This is a meaningful project as every inch of the longest fruit produced will help raise funds for the less fortunate. 

Enrichment Programmes and Competitions

Selected Primary 4 - 6 pupils who display a high interest and ability in Science will be introduced to enrichment activities and competitions to further develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Pupils attending an Aerodynamics workshop.jpg

Pupils attending an Aerodynamics workshop at NUSH with hands-on activities to learn how planes fly.