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About Us

Fathers@Gongshang is part of the Singapore's nationwide initiative of 'Dads for Life' Programme, where we encourage all fathers to share a mission to "Inspire, Mobilize and Involve" fathers to become good influencers in their children’s lives for life. 

Being an active father is challenging, but all the more fulfilling. Fathers@Gongshang organise events and workshops to encourage Father-and-Child bondingIn a case where there is an absence of a father figure, any related male role model of the child is eligible to sign up for our activities. 

Fathers@Gongshang warmly welcomes all Fathers interested to volunteer their services! 
Do contact us via our  Fathers@Gongshang Facebook Page where photographs of past events are posted.

You are welcome to join us for any Fathers@Gongshang activity. Fathers, who are interested to help in logistics or any brainstorming, please contact Kelvin Leow, Chairperson of Fathers@Gongshang, kelvinleowting@gmail.com or 91081550.

Extracts from:
Dads for Life Facebook Page
Npark Outing.jpgMovie Night.jpg
Holding 4 movie.jpg

We had our first Nparks outing for 2017 at Tampines ECO Park

Movie Nights at Gongshang is run by Fathers@Gongshang. We take pride in holding 4 movie nights a year


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