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Members' Guidelines


  • As a member of the PSG, you are a partner of the school in helping to provide a holistic education for the pupils.
  • Your support in the programmes and activities organised by the school is greatly encouraged and appreciated.
  • You are advised to put on your PSG passes at all times when you are in the school premises for official duties as a member.
  • Please take note of the dates, time and meeting places for your area of involvement and turn up punctually for them. 
  • If, for any reason, you are unable to turn up for your duty, please inform the PSG committee member IC or the teacher IC of that activity/programme so that a replacement can be made for you. Your absence may mean the inadvertent cancellation of excursions, for instance, as a ratio of 1 adult to 20 students is needed. We really seek your co-operation in this.
  • Your role and responsibility in the area(s) you are involved in will be given to you by the HOD or teacher IC. Please do not hesitate to approach them if you have any doubts or queries. 
  • Your ideas and suggestions are valuable to the school, so please channel them to the PSG committee members, PSG teachers or the Principal and Vice-Principal. 
  • You can help maintain the positive climate of participation by working closely and amicably with other members of the PSG, and the committee members or the staff of the school and see yourself as a stakeholder of the school.