School Rules

School Rules: Reap What You Sow 

What I want to REAP

What I need to SOW

How can I achieve? (School Rules)

1. I want to be respected.

Respect for Self.

1.1 Be Punctual

1.1a To arrive in school by 7.25am. Assembly starts at 7.30am. 

1.1b To be present on time for lessons, CCAs, supplementary/remedial classes, enrichment activities and any other school activities. Pupils are to submit a medical certificate or a letter of excuse from their parent if they are absent from school. 

1.1c Not to leave the school compound early without proper authorization. Pupils who wish to leave the school early are to seek permission from their class teacher and to report to the general office. The school staff will call their parents to fetch these pupils home.

1.2 Be Properly Attired School Uniform 

1.2a To wear the prescribed school uniform at all times when they are in school. Modifications to the uniform are not allowed. 

1.2b To be in school uniform (unless permission has been granted by the school) whenever they come to school. This includes school vacation and all school activities. 

1.2c PE attire is only allowed to be worn in school on the days when pupils have PE lessons. House T-shirt can only be worn on Thursdays or during CCAs. PE T-shirts are to be tucked in at all times. 

1.2d To wear white socks and white shoes. There should not be any coloured design or logos on the white shoes and socks. Socks are to be worn above the ankle.


1.2e To keep one’s hair neat and tidy. No tinted or dyed hair and fanciful hairstyle is allowed. 

Boys:Hair length must be two fingers above the shirt-collar and neatly combed. Hair should not be touching the ears. Boys are not allowed to grow facial hair or moustache. 

Girls:For girls with long hair, their hair must be neatly plaited with plain, black or dark blue accessories. Fringe must be above the eyebrows. Girls must clip up their long fringe.


1.2f All pupils are not allowed to wear any jewellery, accessories or amulets. These items will be confiscated and parents will have to collect confiscated items personally from the school. School reserves the right to dispose of the confiscated item as the school sees fit.  

1.3 Be on my best behaviour 

1.3a To behave well at all times during and outside school hours. Pupils should walk quietly and in an orderly manner when moving from point to point. 

1.3b Do not remain in the classroom during recess except in the presence of a teacher. 

1.3c To uphold the good name of the school during and outside school hours by maintaining self-discipline and good manners. 

1.3d To be respectful, kind and polite when interacting with school mates, teachers and school staff. 

1.3e To be honest during class tests and semestral assessment examinations. Pupils caught cheating will be given zero mark for that particular test/ assessment paper. 

1.3f To respect all official documents and not to make alterations. 

1.3g To use information communication technology such as internet, sms appropriately. 

1.3h Take good care of others’ property. To ask permission before using other’s property. 

1.3i Not to cause physical hurt and or threat to others. 

1.3j Not to be involved with any type of gang activity such as gang fights, gang graffiti, gang recruitment etc. Any pupils found participating in such gang activities will be referred to the relevant law-enforcement authorities. 

1.3k Not to possess any improper or unlawful material such as cigarettes, weapons (such as pen-knife and pointed scissors), drugs or pornographic materials. School reserves the right to confiscate such items and to refer pupils who possess such material to the relevant law-enforcement agencies. School reserves the right to use the confiscated item as evidence in investigations either by the school or by law-enforcement agencies. 

1.3l Not to bring items that are not permitted by school for example electronic games and game cards (except with the permission of the teacher for academic use, such as during show and tell). These items will be confiscated and parents must collect these items personally from the school. 

1.3m The school does not encourage pupils to bring hand phones to school. Pupils are not allowed to use hand phones in school compound except at the main or side gate while waiting for their parents. Pupil who needs to use hand phone in school to answer emergency call is to seek prior approval from teachers.

Respect for country.

1.4a Singapore Citizens are to stand at attention and join in the singing of the National anthem and the saying of the pledge during the flag raising and lowering ceremony. 

1.4b Singapore Citizens must take the pledge with the right fist placed across the chest.

2. I want a happy, clean and safe environment.

Keep my school clean and safe.

2.1a To dispose of litter in the bins provided and keep every part of the school clean. 

2.1b To consume food and sweet drinks only in the canteen. Pupils are not allowed to bring any sweet drinks to the classrooms. 

2.1c To return the utensils, plates and cups to the respective food stalls after meal. 

2.1d To play sports and games only in the basketball courts and small field. Playing at the foyer and fitness corner is not allowed. Pupils will not be allowed to play outdoors when the Lightning Warning System is activated.

Safety first

2.2a To play games using only school equipment. 

2.2b To follow traffic rules and not to jaywalk.

Take care of school property.

2.2a To take care of school property. Do not destroy, remove or deface school property

3. I want to achieve my fullest potential.

To persevere and develop my potential.

3.1a To hand in all written assignments and projects on time