PSG Activities

What we do

The PSG works hand-in-hand with the school to encourage family bonding through various activities as well as learning life-skills.

PSG members conduct the weekly kidsREAD programme, initiated by NLB, which is a nationwide reading programme to promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among our selected P1 and P2 pupils.

The members of the PSG provide support in major school events such as Sports Day, ICT Carnival, P3 and P6 school camps, Racial Harmony Day, Teachers’ Day, Children's Day, P6 Entrepreneur Bazaar and the Primary 1 Orientation.

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In year 2017, the PSG Committee had organised Maki Sushi Roll Making and Creative Macaron workshops for PSG members to participate with the objective to encourage Parent-and-Child bonding through hands-on activity where they will interact and experience the joy of working together as a team.  

Highlight of the year, the PSG Committee, together with Fathers@Gongshang, organised a very successful Family Day on 13 May 2017 with about 400 participants. The bonding activitites included a mass Zumba workout as well as workshops on Cupcake Decoration, Maki Sushi Roll Making and Make Your Very Own Terrarium workshop.  

The Gongshang Family Day also promoted healthy lifestyle activities such as Basketball, Athletics and the Nerf Challenge which were conducted by ActiveSG. Our Gongshang scouts set up games booth to challenge the participants.  

The photo booth was graced by the Clowns and Star Wars characters. Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting activities enthused the children. All participants were treated to ice-cream, popcorn and candy floss. Ronald McDonald even made an appearance to entertain the children.  

The PSG Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank our PSG members who have been participating in our pro family activities as well as responding actively to requests from the school to help out in the various school activities and events.

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