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Healthy Lifestyle Fiesta @ Gongshang

To encourage pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle through participating in physical activities and eating healthily,  a series of exciting activities were planned for the pupils over a few weeks in Term 2.

During recess time, pupils took part in Sportstacking, Basketball Free Throw, Penalty Shootout, mini-sided soccer games and even our own Spartan-Obstacle Course! Pupils learn about mental health and wellness through reading the information on posters and hands-on art therapy activities. Pupils learn the importance of eating 2 servings of fruits and vegetables daily through the Fruittie-Veggie Bites (FVB) program. They get to collect cute stickers for every serving of fruit/vegetable purchased from school or brought from home. Pupils took part enthusiastically and learnt that participating in physical activities was not only enjoyable but also benefited their health! In conjunction with International Friendship Day, pupils also learnt about the culture of different nationalities and assembled their own healthy sandwich or salad unique to different cultures, eg sushi rolls, wraps, Caesar salad, etc.

Pupils received either a sticker or stamp which they collected in their Learning Journal. The more activities they participated in, the more stickers and stamps they earned for themselves!

The pupils had an enriching time engaging in fun-filled activities with their friends and teachers!

Healthy 1.jpgIMG_1070.JPG
A 'Master' chef in the making!"Some of the pupils innovative creations!"
Healthy 3.jpgIMG_7291.JPG
"Some of the pupils' innovative creations!" P4 pupils devouring their sandwich creations with gusto!
The Upper Primary girls trying their hands at SportstackingGetting a go at Capteh!
Healthy 7.jpgIMG_7225.JPG
 Pupils attempting to basketball Free Throw.Pupils delightfully skipping during recess