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P6 to S1 Sharing Session

Since 2007, Gongshang has invited secondary schools in the east cluster to take part in our annual 'P6 to S1' Sharing Session.

The objectives of the sharing session are:
to provide our P6 pupils with insights into secondary school life; 
to help the pupils and their parents make informed choices of their secondary schools.

In 2012, a total of 23 secondary schools participated in this annual event. Together with the secondary school pupils, many of whom were ex-Gongshang pupils, the secondary school teachers and vice principals shared about their academic and CCA programmes with our pupils and parents.

Our pupils having their queries attended by secondary school participantsOur principal Madam Kok presenting a certificate of appreciation to participating secondary schools
 Our pupils having their queries attended by secondary school participantsP6 pupils from Griffith Primary joining us for the occasion. 
 One of the secondary schools putting up a min band performance