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How do you know if your child is dyslexic?

Reading & Spelling

When your child reads and spells, does he frequently:

  • confuse letters that look similar: d - b, u - n, m - n
  • confuse letters that sound the same: v, f, th
  • reverse words: was - saw, now - won
  • transpose words: left - felt, help - hepl
  • read a word correctly and then further down the page, read it wrong
  • change words around: the cat sat on the mat (the mat sat on the cat)
  • confuse small words: of, for, from
  • have difficulty in keeping the correct place
  • read correctly but does not understand what he is reading


Even after frequent instruction does he still:

  • not know whether to use his right or left hand
  • leave out capital letters or use them in the wrong places
  • forget to dot the 'i's, and cross 't's
  • form letters and numbers badly
  • use margins and does his writing slope on the page
  • use punctuation and paragraphs in the wrong places