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Principal's Message

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Founded in 1920 by Mr Shi Su, Gongshang Primary School was then known as 'The Chinese Industrial and Commercial Continuation School'. For the past 90 odd years, Gongshang Primary School has always been committed to providing a holistic education for all the pupils that have passed through the hands of the many teachers and school principals.

While the school may have changed location over the last nine decades and finally settling our roots in Tampines Town, Gongshang continues with the rich traditions of its history, emphasizing on a strong Asian culture and values.

The prime focus of Gongshang's educational philosophy and its mission to provide a safe and happy environment for our pupils to strive towards excellence remain unchanged. Perseverance, thrift, integrity and respect are the main values which we want to nurture in our pupils.

With the Gongshang 2020 vision 'Towards a truly valued-based education', we aim to mould our Gongshangers to be anchored on values, valued in the 21st century workplace and values Singapore, society and the world. We keep up with the ever increasing pace of new technology and the flow and influx of talents. Our pupils need to be innovative, enterprising, adaptable and resilient to take on of these new challenges. We therefore need to develop our pupils to be equipped with 21st century competencies like critical thinking, communication skills, global awareness and cross-cultural skills.

As reflected in our school crest, the ball with the Chinese character 'Gongshang' symbolizes acquisition of an all-round education. The curved banner with the name of the school in English symbolizes the acquisition of knowledge for progress in life. The triangle symbolizes the tripartite relationships of the School Advisory Committee, Staff and Parents working together to achieve excellence. Lastly, the red signifies enthusiasm, diligence and respect while yellow symbolizes honesty and brightness.

I am appreciative of the opportunity to work together with the staff, parents, stakeholders and the community to provide a holistic education anchored on values for our Gongshangers. Open communication will be paramount to our goal of developing each child intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally, in a nurturing and safe learning environment. Each child will be encouraged to achieve his or her own personal best. At Gongshang Primary School, the staff and I recognize that every pupil who joins the school is a unique individual and it is our duty and responsibility to develop them to the fullest potential.

Jackie Kok Chow Hiong (Mdm)