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In Art Club, pupils are given the opportunity to explore various art-making activities. These activities allow pupils to enhance their creative and visual skills. Pupils are taught to not only develop their visual arts skills, but to also appreciate Art as a medium to express themselves. Budding artists in the Art Club seek to sharpen their artistic perspective, as well as to cultivate perseverance, patience and diligence. Activities include working with watercolour, acrylics and 3D sculptures.

Day Every Wednesday
Time 7.30 a.m. - 9.15 a.m
Venue Art Room (E1-10)
 Teachers-in-charge Mdm Mehrun Nisha Ansari Maricar
Ms Nurlisa Ho

2018 Art Club Members

1_Mixed Media Project.JPG2.JPG

Mixed Media Project

3 Working with clay.JPG     4.JPG

5 Watercolour Project.JPG                      6_Poster Competition.JPG

Watercolour Project 
Poster Competition

7_2017 SYF Category B.jpg

2017 SYF Category B

8_2017 SYF Category C.JPG

2017 SYF Category C