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Science Club

Children are naturally curious about things around them. In Science Club, we provide opportunities for the pupils to explore and through planning their own investigative experiments, they pick up essential process skills which will help them in their learning of Science. As the pupils work in groups and interact with their peers, they pick up values and learn to develop socially and emotionally. They also get to learn to use appropriate apparatus and equipment to collect data for their experiments. Through designing and creating their own toys, the pupils learn to search for information using the correct web tools. The pupils will also go on a learning journey to a Science Carnival. We hope that all these activities will lead them to inquire and discover more which will then make them be more joyful in their learning. 

7.40 a.m. – 9.10 a.m.


E1-11 (P3&4)
D4-06 (P5&6)


Mrs Corrine Koh (OIC)
Mdm Sakinah Binte Omar 

Our Activities


                        Using dataloggers to collect our results                  Learning to use apparatus correctly

toys & playing.jpg    toy works.jpg 

        Making our own toys and playing with them                                  Let us see how this toy works

egg raw.jpgpond community.jpg

          Testing to see if this egg is raw or cooked                                Exploring our pond community