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Science Club

Children are naturally curious about things around them. In Science Club, we provide opportunities for the pupils to plan and carry out investigative experiments. Through such inquiry and discovery, the pupils learn to collect data and evidence and to give proper scientific reasoning and explanations. They also learn to do research and gather information from the relevant sources and make presentations to their peers. In the process, they pick up essential science process skills which will help them in their learning of science. They will also help bring about an awareness of the need to conserve resources and show pupils how to make recycled paper out of recycled materials during Earth Day. They will also take part in a creative toy making competition and participate in science carnival. 

Time7.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m
VenueE1-11 (P3&4)
D4-06 (P5&6)
 Teachers-in-charge Mrs Corrine Koh (OIC)
Mr Yusri Bin Yunos

Our Activities

Making recycled paper.JPGExplaining how my toy works.JPG


                          Making recycled paper                                               Explaining how my toy works

Will this ball make a louder sound.JPGThis car can push the other car.JPG

               Will this ball make a louder sound?                             This car can 'push' the other car. 

This object can float.JPGListen to this tune.JPG

                    This object can 'float'!                                                          Listen to this tune...