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Handbells and Handchimes

The melodious sweet ringing of the handbells and handchimes resonates in Gongshang Primary School since the inception of the Handbells/Handchimes Ensemble in 2005. We have since participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition in 2006 (Gold Award), 2008 (Silver Award), 2010 (Gold Award), 2012 (Silver Award) and 2014 (Certificate of Distinction). 

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment for SYF 2016. Thank you pupils for your unyielding commitment and perseverance and parents for your wonderful support and encouragement. 

As part of the Handbells and Handchimes Ensemble, the pupils exhibit the value of teamwork. School values like respect and perseverance are evidently strengthened in the pupils whenever they prepare for any performance. Pupils understand that their unyielding perseverance and diligence in practice will enable them to create wonderful music and give off wonderful performance.

Teacher-in-Charge: Mrs Low Yee Wah, Mrs Gan-Toh Hui Bok and Mr Muhamad Fadzly
Instructor: Mrs Anna Tay
 CCA Day: Every Wednesday 
 Time: 7.30am-9.30am 
 Venue: Room E2-11

Introduction by our twins during SYF 2016.
Intense concentration as our instructor,
Mrs Anna Tay, conducts. HB07-15.jpg