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String Ensemble

22 Jul 2016 to 22 Jul 2018

Gongshang Primary School String Ensemble was formed in 2003 and has since performed in a number of events both in school and in public.  Last year, the team showcased their musical talents and skills during the SYF Central Judging Competition 2016. They have done the school proud by achieving the Certificate of Accomplishment.

The Ensemble currently comprises 28 violinists and 1 cellist. Practices are conducted weekly as scheduled.

Day Every Wednesday
Time 7.30am - 9.30am
Venue Music Room 1 (E2-10)
Teachers in Charge
Mdm Habibah Tahar
Mdm Yasmin
Mdm Wong Ngiok Hiong

Our SYF Team!

                                             strings 1.jpg


Our Dynamic Team!

strings 2.jpg

Practising hard!

strings 3.jpg
strings 4.jpg

strings 5.jpg