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GSPS Basketball

Through Basketball CCA, our pupils will learn fundamental basketball skills, basketball rules and regulations, territorial invasion games concept as well as develop physical fitness. Besides learning skills and know-how, the teachers believe in imparting values required to shape our pupils’ character and thus, we place much emphasis on discipline and nurturing sporting values such as perseverance, resilience and teamwork. In the pursuit of the very best in each and every pupil, pupils will also have ample opportunities for leadership development.

Mr Lim Kwee Hock (OIC)
Mdm Amizah Bte Amin (2IC)
Mr Gan Xiong Gang (3IC)
Mrs Kwok Li Li (Advisor) 
Mrs Ng-Tham Siow Foon
Mrs Yap-Loy Sim Lan
Mrs Ng Bee San
Mr Azman Bin Mohd Noh
Mdm Norizah Bte Maakiap

The training schedules for the Recreational and School Team are as follow:
Monday (School Team)2.45 - 4.45p.m.Indoor Sports Hall/Basketball Court
Wednesday (Recreational and School Teams) 7.30 - 9.30 a.m. Basketball Courts 

attacking move.JPGAttacking Move

defending move.JPGDefending Move


For more information on the fixtures  and our school teams’ progress in the SPSSC Basketball East Zone Junior & Senior Division 2017, please click here 

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