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Practice Schedule

The training schedule for the Wushu School Team and Developmental Team are as follows:







(School Team only)

3 p.m - 5 p.m


Miss Jessica Tang
Mdm Roslinda
Mrs Amelia Tan
Mdm Khairini
Mdm Suriyati
Mdm Rebecca Choong
Miss Yu Qianru

(School Team & Developmental Team)

7.30 a.m - 9.30 a.m


Miss Jessica Tang
Mdm Rebecca Choong
Mdm Suriyati

Description of the Wushu School Team
Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

With determination and hard work, our school Wushu team has been improving steadily over the years despite a short history of only twelve years.   At the 12th National Primary School Wushu Championship in 2016, our school senior boys team managed to win divisional third placing despite facing very strong competition from many schools. In addition, our young Wushu pugilists managed to clinch two golds, four silvers, eight bronzes and 3 fifth placings for individual and group events. It was indeed a bountiful year for our Wushu team in 2016.

It is our belief that our Wushu team would continue to grow from strength to strength and scale greater heights in the years to come with the help of our coaches and the ardent support of the parents

IMG_5017.JPGYippee! We won overall third placing!

IMG_5047.JPGAnother fruit year for our senior teams!

IMG_4913.JPGA toast to our victory!Our senior girls celebrating their hard earned success.JPGOur senior girls celebrating their success!
Our young Wushu puglists performing for CNY.JPG Our young Wushu pugilists performing for Chinese New YearIMG_3209.JPG Our happy prize winners with our coach 
IMG_4933.JPG Relaxation time after our competition 

IMG_5025.JPGOur senior boys with their group routine