Aims of Art Education

The aims of art education are to enable every child to be visually literate and to appreciate art.

Core Programmes

To develop basic competencies, pupils are exposed to a broad-based art curriculum. The curriculum is designed by medium to build basic competencies towards mastery in drawing, oil pastels, painting and craft.

Key Programmes

To promote interest in Art, develop a vibrant culture and keep up with current trends, the key programmes below are organised for the pupils.

Primary 1

PAL Visual Arts

Primary 2

Cartooning I

Primary 3

Cartooning II

Primary 4


Primary 5


Primary 6

Mural Painting

Art Competitions

To promote keen sense of competitive spirit and excellence, art competitions and exhibitions are organised.

Internal Competitions

‘Cyberwellness’ Art Competition

‘Earth Day’ Art Competition

‘Camp T-Shirt’ Design Competition

‘Creative Art’ Competition

External Competitions

'Safety Starts With Me' Art Competition

‘My Stamp Story’ Art Competition

KAO Eco-Art Competition

National Competitions

Singapore Youth Festival

Schools Digital Media Awards

Mass Art-Making Activities

- National Day Art Activity
Children's Day Art Activity

Pupils In-Action

cd2.gif cd3.gif P1_1.gif
P1_2.gif P2_1.gif P2_2.gif
P2_3.gif P3_1.gif P3_3.gif

P3_4.gif P3_5.gif



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)