Pupils in Gongshang are introduced to pupils early in their formative years so as to build an interest in communication and the arts.  Drama is infused in our English curriculum as well as the Aesthetics. 

Through our drama programmes, we hope to increase pupils’ sense of self and social awareness, build up their confidence and self-esteem, improve communication, stretch their imagination and make learning fun and enjoyable.

Key Programmes
Primary 1 Poetry Recitation    
Primary 2 Drama (PAL)   
Primary 2-5 Learning Journey to Theatre  

Learning Journeys to the Theatre

2017 - Gruffalo @ the Victoria Theatre by ABA Productions (Pri 3)  
          - Others shows (coming soon)
2016 - Three Little Pigs by  (Pri 2) 
          - Gruffalo @ the SOTA Drama Theatre by ABA Productions (Pri 3) 
          - Charlotte’s Web @ the Singapore Repertory Theatre by The Little Company (Primary 5)
2015 - Treasure Island @  Singapore Repertory Theatre by The Little Company (Pri 5) 

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Charlott's Web (2016) - SRT9.gif
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