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Physical Education/CCA

Department Vision

PE/CCA: A resilient, confident & healthy pupil with a love for sports and life.
Aesthetics: A creative pupil with a passion for the learning of the arts.

Department Mission

PE/CCA: To equip and nurture pupils with knowledge, skills and values to pursue a healthy lifestyle through sports and games.
Aesthetics: To provide pupils with opportunities to Experience, Engage and Excel in the Arts programme so as to inculcate a life-long appreciation for the Arts.

PE Committee Members

Head of DepartmentMrs Ow Kwee Gim
Senior Teacher (PE)Mrs Kwok Li Li
Health Education Co-OrdinatorMrs Rosalynn Ong
Level RepresentativesP1 - Mdm Suzanah
P2 - Mrs Kwok Li Li
P3 - Mr Daniel Vaithilingam
P4 - Mrs How-Quek Jia Min
P5 - Mrs Rosalynn Ong
P6 - Mr Sean De Zilva